Mission Statement

EMS Safety Services, Inc. strives to improve the health and safety of the general public at work, school and home, by being a resource for critical information, skills training and supplies.

We believe that emergency and health training should be easy to access, straightforward in its presentation, affordable and practical. Information should be presented in a way that meets each client’s needs in order to overcome the obstacles to learning. The goal of training should be more than compliance, but rather learning, understanding and applying knowledge to each individual’s life in order to improve it and make it safer. The co-worker you train may be the person to reach your side first in an emergency.

EMS Safety Services was started 21 years ago out of the desire to provide CPR and First Aid Instructors an emergency training agency that truly valued its customers. Instructors who were disillusioned by constant price increases, outdated curriculums, red tape and customer service headaches quickly turned to EMS Safety. Our instructor numbers continue to grow dramatically as we add to our line of quality training programs.

At EMS Safety we believe in exceptional customer service, integrity and value. Most Instructors join our training organization through word of mouth- personal recommendations from current Instructors. We are committed to listening to, learning from, and collaborating with our customers on how best to address their needs.

Our ability to focus on the needs of each instructor and organization allows us to provide simple, user-friendly teaching materials without the exorbitant costs and red tape encountered with other organizations. Our goal is to make your training courses more successful and profitable by providing high-quality products at an exceptional value. We want to earn your business with our products and prices, and keep your business with our excellent customer service.

EMS Safety Services has grown from a local organization into a corporation that provides instructor training and support internationally. Our customers include healthcare, fire and law enforcement agencies, as well as large and small businesses, schools, universities, childcare centers, government agencies, community organizations and individual instructors. EMS Safety will provide you with a turnkey solution to your safety training and product needs.

EMS Safety